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Reading Europe: European culture through the book


The European Library

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“The "Reading Europe: European culture through the book" collection provides access to the hidden literary gems from the national libraries of Europe. Twenty-three countries have selected up to a thousand works for the public to peruse. Some of the books are downloadable in PDF format; others are fully accessible on the national libraries’ websites. Visitors can discover everything from 18th century English bestsellers to the lost interiors of Russian palaces. The collection gives access to books in 32 languages from Yiddish to Latin and Georgian, English or French. "Reading Europe: European culture through the book" also comes complete with curatorial information from each participating national library, in English and their official languages. With many books in their manuscript or early edition form, this collection is also presented in an <a href='http://www.theeuropeanlibrary.org/exhibition-reading-europe/' target="_blank">exhibition form</a> that gives an interactive window on a world of wonderful books.”