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This e-collection contains digitised Danish maps, street maps, prospects and atlases grouped around the following subjects: Maps of Denmark (circa 750 maps of Denmark from 1570 until 1900); Danish regional maps (circa 1500 regional maps from 1565 until 1900); Copenhagen (1000 topographical and thematic maps of Copenhagen from 1588 until 1900); Greenland ( 400 maps of Greenland from 1590 until 1900); Maps in atlases (400 maps from 1523 until 1900); Oversize maps (190 maps larger than 100 x 100 from all over the world from 1642 until 1900). In addition, the collection contains digitisations of outstanding works, for instance Frederik V’s Atlas (3,535 numbered plates from the 1700s with prospects from countries and towns in and outside Denmark) and Atlas Danicus 1677 by Resen (a digitally reconstructed copy of the copper plates in the work with 109 prospects and maps from Denmark). New projects: Maps and atlases hand drawn by Johannes Mejer showing large parts of the world. Cadastral maps of Copenhagen by Berggreen. A thematic collection of maps and atlases of World War I (1914-1920) seen from the Danish point of view - a total of about 180 – is presented as another sub collection to Maps and atlases. Altogether the e-collection consists of about 8,500 works. If you search in REX or www.bibliotek.dk for a publication, and it has been digitized, you will automatically be guided to the online edition.

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Freely available online. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/

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Maps and Atlases Collection of the National Library of Denmark.



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1500 - 1999