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This collection of film and video preserves the oldest known film from Norway from 1903, which shows the city of Hammerfest, the world's most northern city. From the 1930s, users can find private footage from Norway and from abroad, covering domestic life, work, landscape and cities. A selection of short commercials from the 1950s presents a number of products, from tobacco to stoves, hats, books and travels. The Ekofisk platform was Norway's first oil installation in the North Sea and 94 films document the building and working life on this platform from 1970 to 2000. Thanks to the mandatory deposited videos and DVDs from recent years, the core of the collection covers the years from 1990 onwards. Only parts of the total collection have been given metadata.

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Some movies without copyright and of public domain are made freely available online in the digital library. Most of movies are only available on computers located in the special reading room for movies and music.

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Film Collection of the National Library of Norway.

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1900 - 2000