The European Library Open Dataset 


From 31 December 2016 ‘The European Library’ services will no longer be available and this portal will be frozen with no subsequent updates.

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The European Library aims to promote the wider use and exposure of the collections it aggregates from its member libraries. With this purpose in mind, one of the API services provided by The European Library is to make available Linked Open Data.

The European Library Open Dataset constitutes the subset of The European Library’s aggregated data that is made openly available by its partner libraries.

The data is made available under open licensing terms, which allow the unrestricted use of the data for any purpose by anyone, including commercial use.

Access to the Dataset

To mechanisms are available for interacting or obtaining the dataset is available. It can be obtained as bulk downloadable files and according to the specifications of the W3C Linked Data Platform 1.0.

Bulk files for all open data collections can be downloaded at the data sets page.


The linked open data set is available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal license.

Data Model and Vocabularies

A complete description of the data model used for the dataset can be found in the document: “ Linked Data at The European Library: Data Model and Vocabularies”.

Download the full documentation

Over 109 million bibliographical records from 31 European Libraries.

Date Published

April 2016