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From 31 December 2016 ‘The European Library’ services will no longer be available and this portal will be frozen with no subsequent updates.

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The RLUK Database is an established Union Catalogue provided by Research Libraries UK. This is a subset of the RLUK database comprising nearly 20 million bibliographic records from 34 UK libraries. The dataset is published in RDF, and linked to external datasets available as Linked Open Data.

In the full documentation, more information can be found regarding the data, including the different access mechanisms provided at The European Library, the data model and vocabularies in the representation of the RLUK dataset in RDF, and some statistical information regarding the usage of data elements and links to external datasets.

Obtaining the dataset

The dataset is available in for download. A complete data dump of the dataset is available in two RDF representations: RDF / XML Syntax, and Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language. Smaller samples of the data are also provided to provide hackathon participants with a practical way of starting to explore the dataset.

The data can be obtained in the following locations and form:

Download the full documentation

Approximately 20 million bibliographical records from 34 UK Libraries.

Date Published

April 2014