The European Library is an independent not-for-profit library services organisation supported by CENL. The European Library importantly works to strengthen and support libraries across the continent. Member libraries benefit from a powerful, low-cost aggregation structure enabling a greater exposure of digital resources and bibliographic records. We collect, enrich and innovate with libraries' data and content for the widest possible dissemination. 

The European Library's mission is to be THE open data hub for library data in Europe. 

Additionally, The European Library partakes in projects to create useful tools and a pan-European infrastructure for librarians and researchers. Examples of our many successful projects include EnumerateARROW and Europeana Newspapers.

The European Library is currently participating in Europeana Cloud, a project to establish a cloud-based infrastructure that will enable easy sharing, enhancement and storage of content and data across the Europeana family of services, interested libraries and other content providers and aggregators. 

Furthermore, we are the library aggregator for the  Europeana  cultural heritage website and hence the exclusive channel whereby libraries can further showcase their content online.

Becoming a member of The European Library

Should you wish to learn more about the many membership benefits for your library please visit our Membership page and fill out the Membership Form. 






ABOUT The European Library PORTAL: a treasure trove for researchers

Our  single search box allows you to freely explore millions of resources from leading national and research libraries across Europe.

We have more than 200 million resources waiting to be discovered. You can search over 24 million pages of full-text content, 18 million digital objects and 119 million bibliographic records within Europe.

These digital resources are supplied to us by our prestigious network of institutions , including 48 national libraries in Europe and an increasing number of research libraries, such as the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library.



Europeana Research

The digitisation of Europe's cultural heritage has provided ample opportunity for researchers to accelerate or make substantial changes to their working processes. The explosion of the digital approaches to this data means that researchers are increasingly asking for more than traditional interfaces to search and browse. Access to entire datasets for download for text and data mining, or access to APIs to build specific tools. Europeana Research is built with this in mind as a means of better connecting with the research community, with a particular focus on digital humanities and social sciences.

Collections & Exhibitions

Researchers can search within unique collections of works, for example, Reading Europe: European Culture Through the Book, Treasures from the National Libraries of Europe, Manuscripts and Princes in Medieval and Renaissance Europe, Travelling through History and more.

We also offer a subject-approach to content through the CERIF classification system allowing you to discover content by discipline. Filter your results by contributor, discipline, language, year of publication and more.

You can export records to popular reference management systems such as Mendeley and Zotero. Additionally, we provide enriched search results through partner organisations such as CORE - a large aggregator of several million Open Access publications. These services are available on any search results or records’ page of The European Library.

API's and datasets

As an aggregator of both digital collections and bibliographic data, The European Library offers a unique set of data from Europe’s libraries.  We  aim to promote the wider use  and exposure of the collections of our member libraries and we have developed a suite of services to access and search the data. 

All available datasets and API's are available at our dedicated access our data space. 

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