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Vardbulbuliani (The Rose and the Nightingale
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  • Georgian Title: ვარდბულბულიანი
  • Year: 1875
  • By: King Teimuraz I
  • Source: The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia
  • Language: Georgian
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English Editorial:Teimuraz I’s literary works addresses a wide range of topics and includes his original poems as well as translations and adaptations from Persian. This king-poet had such a universal knowledge of Persian and Georgian literature and was so proud of his innovations into the Georgian poetry, that, in his old age, Teimuraz proclaimed himself the greatest poet of Georgia and thought himself superior to the celebrated medieval Georgian author Shota Rustaveli. Although no such claim has ever been accepted by the critics of Georgian literature, there can be no doubt that his courtly and rather mannered lyricism had a certain influence on the 17th-19th-century Georgian poetry. Educated at the Safavid court, he was proficiently fluent in Persian, and his poetic language was full of Persian imagery and allusions, loanwords, and phraseology. The Rose and the Nightingale is one of his most popular adaptations from Persian.