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The Martyrdom of Queen Ketevan
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  • Georgian Title: წამება ქეთევან დედოფლისა
  • Year:
  • By: King Teimuraz I
  • Source: The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia
  • Language: Georgian
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English Editorial:Teimuraz I’s literary works address a wide range of topics and includes his original poems as well as translations and adaptations from Persian. Teimuraz's most elaborate and painful poem, however, is his first, The Martyrdom of Queen Ketevan, written in 1625, seven months after his mother, Ketevan, was martyred in Shiraz on September 22, 1624. The poem, which in the words of Professor Donald Rayfield proves that "whatever Georgia lost in the king, it gained in the poet", is influenced by the medieval Georgian hagiographic genre, vividly describing the tortures to which the queen mother is subjected after she refuses to follow Shah Abbas’s order to renounce Christianity.