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The "Reading Europe: European culture through the book" exhibition is brought to you by The European Library and the national libraries of Europe. This online exhibition offers a rare opportunity to view some of the hidden literary gems from the national libraries of Europe. Twenty-three countries have selected nearly a thousand works for the public to peruse. Visitors can discover everything from 18th century English bestsellers to the lost interiors of Russian palaces, all presented in an innovative and multilingual form.

"Reading Europe: European culture through the book" also comes complete with curatorial information from each participating national library, in English and their official languages. With many books in their manuscript or early edition form, the exhibition is an interactive window on a world of wonderful books.

Elfriede Jelinek

Elfriede Jelinek, Nobel Prize in Literature, supports "Reading Europe: European culture through the book"

Elfriede Jelinek is an internationally renowned playwright and novelist. The Austrian writer was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2004 and gained world recognition for her book 'Die Klavierspielerin' ('The Piano Teacher'), which was adapted in to a film.

Elfriede Jelinek strongly supports Reading Europe and its spotlight on rare, unique and fascinating books. The exhibition is of special appeal to the novelist for its ability to allow visitors to view works in their native languages. With this vast array of different literary finds at our fingertips, Jelinek is behind the exhibition's ability to raise awareness of lost literary gems and highlight Europe's rich cultural history.